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Our Simple Ceremony

To create and officiate your marrage ceremony!

No worries on your wedding day; I've done this before - hundreds & hundreds of times!

Included in Cost of Officiant: Personalized Ceremony, Unity ceremony (optional), Gift of wedding booklet with Certificate of Marriage, Name Change Information Packet, Sound (if requested), Travel and Dependability. Simple procedure to create your ceremony, your way!









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Included in Cost for Officiant

Ceremony - Complete personalized marriage ceremony tailored to you and professionally presented. Before your wedding I will create your complete marriage ceremony with ceremony itinerary (who-goes-where-when; a timeline and a guide). With a personalized ceremony I provide many options and different choices for you to make it your own. If you wish, your ceremony may also include wedding vows you have written and/or readings you provide. I'll e-mail your draft to you for your review. We will work together by e-mail and phone to tweak and customize your ceremony until it is final. This is Your Wedding and Your Ceremony; as you would like it to be.

Or, an already prepared charming romantic marriage ceremony is also available; this option is a "no-brainer" because there are fewer selections you will be given to make, the rest of the entire ceremony is already prepared & ready to go. Any ceremony or materials prepared by Officiant are property of Officiant and may be altered for future use.  I make it simple for you. You will be gently guided on your wedding day through the ceremony itself so that you will have the freedom to enjoy the moments. You may not even notice anyone else around as you focus on the one you wed!

Unity Ceremony - If you wish to include a unity ceremony, then I have options available to add this piece into your marriage ceremony. I do not charge an additional fee for this option. A unity ceremony is typically right after the exchange of rings. Examples of unity ceremonies are: unity candle, sand ceremony, wine ceremony, hands ceremony, chocolate ceremony, etc.

Gift - Formal printed copy of your complete ceremony; vows and all. Includes a notarized Certificate of Marriage and name change packet. Your wedding ceremony keepsake is gifted to you after your personalized marriage is complete.

Name Change Information Packet - Changing your name after you marry is simple with detailed information; know exactly which essential forms must be completed, where to find them and more. This is included in your booklet when you choose Our Simple Ceremony to create and officiate your ceremony. (on-line 'name change kit ' is not required).

Travel - Travel to your location in my service area is included in the cost. (Rare Exception: if overnight travel is required then additional travel fee).

Sound - I will bring my microphone and amp for small ceremony sound at no cost when requested. Every guest should hear your ceremony as clearly as those in the front row.

Notary - Licensed and bonded Officiating at your ceremony. Timely legal filing of the original notarized marriage license. Substitute officiant in the event of major illness or emergency, or full refund of any monies paid.

Dependability - Early arrival to ensure all is ready, assist with any last minute arrangements or modifications and choreograph the bridal party when necessary. Also to meet with the Bride and Groom before the ceremony to verify their ID matches the marriage license and that the marriage license is legally valid for the wedding.

Low Cost - Your ceremony is the heart and main event of the day you marry, and it is the only required piece of your wedding day; yet it typically costs far less than most wedding costs. You will find my marriage ceremony services have a solid reputation for giving top quality for low cost. Our Simple Ceremony is moderately priced and competitive with other professional wedding ministers and officiants. As well as many couples locally, I also work with bridal couples worldwide who come to marry in FL.  I have found with different schedules, extensive wedding planning details and busy lives in general that using e-mail to communicate and create the ceremony is the best and most simple process for everyone; plus there is always an easy to follow record!  This green procedure saves fuel, time and unnecessary meetings to go over minor details which are easily addressed by e-mail or phone.  

Experience - Since 1999 I have been invited to officiate hundreds of weddings. I spend hours writing and editing ceremonies, e-mailing correspondence, on phone calls and answering questions before your wedding day. My business is professional: the notary license, website, computer, cell phone, sound system, wardrobe, coordinating with other vendors, travel time, and fuel for reliable vehicles are just a few things that are 'behind the scenes' requirements in my profession. I am professional and efficient. Compared to others in my profession, I'm able to offer lower prices for a high quality romantic ceremony presented with ease and skill because of my expertise, use of technology and effective organizational skills.


Quick Summary of Simple Process to Create Personalized Marriage Ceremony - Step 1: Commitment to officiant and Remit $50.00 non-refundable retainer fee Step 2: complete and return ceremony Questionnaire, Step 3: ceremony is Drafted, Step 4: couple Reviews and makes changes to draft (as many times as needed), Step 5: ceremony is Finalized, Step 6: final version of ceremony is Printed for wedding, Step 7: Wedding!

E-mail your ceremony location, date and time for a flat fee price quote: or call (352) 219-1773.


Cost for Officiant

Gratuity is not included in any of the costs listed below:


Package One - Simply Sign and Seal - No Ceremony $80.00 - LIMITED LOCATIONS: IN SPECIFIC LOCATIONS in OCALA, GAINESVILLE or WILLISTON, FL.

For couples who do not want a formal ceremony. This is an informal meeting for notarization of your license with the minimum requirements. These meetings are scheduled on weeknights at 6:00 pm or later. For convenience they are commonly at a public place, such as a Starbucks.

When we meet please bring your original marriage license, ID's and my payment. If you contact me with timely notice then I will have a packet for you which includes your printout of the binding commitment, a certificate of marriage, name change information packet with your receipt. The packet will be utilized during the process and it's yours upon completion of the paperwork.

{Cost includes the separate 30.00 notary fee for solemnizing a Florida Marriage as well as the travel fees, preparation of your packet with formal transcript of the oath of marriage, notarized certificate of marriage, name change instructions, and includes the required admin/org costs}.


Package Two - Our Simple Ceremony Special $149.00

Enjoy your wedding ceremony at a free outdoor venue with Prepared ceremony at a discounted cost (due to location); the $149.00 special price is available ONLY in ONE special location: under the giant oaks in Peggy O'Neil Basham Park, Williston, FL.

Peggy O'Neil Basham Park in Williston is perfect for elopements or small wedding ceremonies! The Simple Ceremony Special discounted price is for an already prepared romantic marriage ceremony at this location only. When booked in advance, ceremony comes with the wedding ceremony packet which includes your complete ceremony, name change instructions and certificate of marriage. Non-refundable retainer fee, late fee and cancellation fees apply to any ceremony booked.

NOTE: Yes, package 2 is package 3; just discounted when in a specific place. THE DISCOUNTED $149.00 OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE WILLISTON PARK LOCATION.

{$149. cost includes the separate 30.00 notary fee for solemnizing a Florida Marriage as well as preparation before the wedding day, formal printed transcript of your ceremony, travel fees, name change information, notarized certificate of marriage and your marriage license timely filed with the Clerk of Court}.


Package Three - Prepared Marriage Ceremony $249.00

Enjoy a prepared traditional yet romantic ceremony at your location in Ocala/Gainesville area for $249.00; this complete ceremony is simply ready to go with choices to pick from. Format: Introduction, Declaration of Intention (“I do’s”), Optional Poem, Exchange of Vows (pick one or write your own), Exchange of Rings, Optional Reading, Seal the Vows. Unity ceremony is optional. Officiant arrives early to review marriage license, ceremony includes a keepsake of your complete ceremony, notarized certificate of marriage, name change instructions, your receipt and completion of the marriage license for the legal filing with the Clerk of Court. If a speaker and microphone for the ceremony is requested then it is available for your ceremony at no extra cost. Prices are calculated with time & mileage to your location. Please e-mail or call me with your ceremony location for an exact price quote. See: "Included in Cost for Officiant" section above. Non-refundable retainer fee, late fee and cancellation fees apply to any ceremony booked; see below.


Package Four – Personalized Marriage Ceremony $299.00

Complete Florida Marriage Ceremony tailored to you with timeline for your bridal party. When you’re having a wedding with a bridal party and have hired professional vendors such as photographer, caterer, DJ, décor and more; this is the package that is necessary for your wedding day. Professional Personalized Marriage Ceremonies, Elopements and Renewal of Vows for Weddings large and small in the Ocala/Gainesville area are typically $299.00. Personalized ceremonies have many more details and choices for your vows and the other options for your ceremony, along with a detailed ceremony plan or timeline. Unity ceremony is optional. If your DJ does not provide a speaker for your ceremony then it is available for your ceremony at no extra cost; just let me know. Prices are calculated with time & mileage to your location. Please e-mail or call me with your ceremony location for an exact price quote. See: "Included in Cost for Officiant" section above. Non-refundable retainer fee, late fee and cancellation fees apply to any ceremony booked; see below.


  • Click HERE to see list of popular Wedding Locations
  • N. Central FL locations include but are not limited to Ocala, Gainesville, Williston, The Villages, Belleview, Dunnellon, Silver Springs, Ocklawaha, Weirsdale, Crystal River, Citrus Springs, Cedar Key, Micanopy, Alachua, Newberry, High Springs, University of Florida, Bronson, Inverness, Lecanto, Homosassa, Brooksville, Beverly Hills, Wildwood, Groveland, Clermont, Howey-in-the-Hills, Mt. Dora, Kissimmee, Orlando, Walt Disney World, Bush Gardens, etc. I create and officiate marriage ceremonies for Disney Fairytale Weddings. I typically serve within 100 miles from Ocala, FL and will travel to your Florida location. Please e-mail your wedding time, date and location so that I may calculate the time, tolls & mileage to give you a written quote of the total fee. Non-refundable retainer, late and cancellation fees apply; see below.


    - Please contact me for pricing on renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies and notary services.


    Optional Add-Ons:

    Rehearsal - Additional fee for Officiant to choreograph separate rehearsal date. Rehearsal fee starts at $100.00 per hour, one hour minimum. Price varies with location due to additional time and mileage.

    Photography by Officiant - Additional $50.00 fee for at least 30 unedited digital photos, taken with your phone. Yes, I’ll take a couple of pictures with your phone for no cost but I will not provide services as your photographer. Budget photographers are on my contact page.

    Equestrian Wedding - I have well behaved horses available for small romantic marriages on horseback. Additional fees for Wedding on horseback when I provide the horses.


    LATE FEE - If your ceremony starts 30 minutes after the planned start time, and the Officiant is able to stay, then an additional $50.00 each 30 minutes late shall be paid to the Officiant. Payment is completed before the ceremony is performed. In the unlikely event an excessive delay prohibits the Officiant from remaining, then the bridal couple is responsible for the full fees agreed upon prior to the ceremony.

    CANCELLATION FEE - When you are on my calendar I block travel time to and from, as well as the time for your marriage ceremony. Hours are spent in correspondence, as well as writing your ceremony before your wedding day. After you have e-mailed your commitment and paid your non-refundable retainer fee confirming the Officiant, if you later cancel then $50.00 non-refundable retainer fee is applied to the cancellation fee.



    $50.00 non-refundable retainer fee shall be paid before your draft ceremony is submitted. The non-refundable retainer fee is applied to the total amount due. Retainer fee may be paid by check, money order, cash, debit or credit card or PayPal; if credit card or PayPal then I will e-mail a separate invoice which is payable thru PayPal with their secure on-line service (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card and I do not need your credit card number). Any and all return check fees are the responsibility of the bridal couple. Remaining amount due is paid before, or on the day of your ceremony. As well a retainer fee, a written commitment to the service agreement is also required - see below. Payment in full is completed before the ceremony is performed. Personal checks and credit cards are not accepted on the wedding day. If not cash, then please have the remainder of your payment payable by money order to "Wendy Thurow" in the envelope with your marriage license. Gratuity is not included in cost.


    Commitment Required

    Your wedding will be booked with your written commitment and payment of non-refundable retainer fee. E-mail me for a quote or cut and paste the questions below then send your reply to with your answers to all (4) of the following:

    1. You affirm you have reviewed and agree with the details of service on the pages at and give your commitment for Wendy Thurow as your Officiant to perform your marriage ceremony,

    2. List your names, e-mails, contact phone numbers and mailing address,

    3. Confirm the date, time and address of your wedding venue.

    4. Your agreement to the fee for Officiant; this agreement includes late and cancellation fees - charged only if applicable.

    When you include a rehearsal and/or photography, then please list those as well so all items and amounts are clearly listed and agreed upon in your e-mail.


    Acts of God

    If the Bridal Couple or Wendy Thurow, Marriage Officiant must cancel the engagement due to an Act of God, "Force Majeure", including but not limited to hurricane, flood, tornado, epidemic, or by the order of any public authority, this contract shall become null and void, all payments, excluding the non-refundable retainer fee, shall be refunded within two weeks, both parties shall not be held responsible and both shall have no further legal recourse against each other. Contract is "rain or shine" with the exception of force majeure weather conditions. If thunder is heard then lightning is present within the proximity; for her safety and yours the Officiant has the right to stop, stall or delay an outdoor ceremony until hazardous conditions have improved. It is your responsibility to establish where your ceremony will take place and make any necessary arrangements if required by the venue. If the wedding must be rescheduled due to force majeure and the Officiant is available on the date it is reset, when the non-refundable retainer fee has already been paid an additional retainer fee will not be required.


    E-mail or call (352) 219-1773.


    Our Simple Ceremony




    Our Simple Ceremony


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