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Our Simple Ceremony

To create and officiate your marriage ceremony!

No worries on your wedding day; I've done this before - hundreds & hundreds of times!

Included in Cost of Officiant: Personalized Ceremony, Unity ceremony (optional), Gift of wedding booklet with Certificate of Marriage, Name Change Information Packet, Sound (if requested), Travel and Dependability. Simple procedure to create your ceremony, your way!








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Our Simple Ceremony ~ Your FL Wedding Officiant

Individually and as a couple, your wedding day is a thrilling experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives! Your marriage ceremony should be stress-free and easy! Our Simple Ceremony breaks down the process into steps so that you know where you are and where you’re going as your ceremony is prepared; before and on the day you marry. There are enough things that are complicated in this life, getting married shouldn’t be one of them!


No worries about writing the ceremony, memorizing lines, when to give the flowers, get the ring, say I do; I naturally lead you through all of that. On your wedding day I arrive early to professionally guide you and your bridal party. During your ceremony, it’s your time to focus on your spouse; look into their eyes, make memories and enjoy the moments!


Every marriage starts with a meaningful ceremony! Your marriage ceremony is the most important piece of your wedding celebration, for it is the very beginning of your married life! Fortunately one of the lowest essential costs for your wedding day is typically your officiant. You can have beautiful flowers, cake or the perfect venue but your only absolute must-have to marry is your FL marriage license and a skilled officiant to professionally present and guide you through the marriage ceremony process. It's my job to make everything work expertly so your ceremony is comfortable and enjoyable for both of you; while it is being developed before you marry, and especially on the day you say "I do!" With Our Simple Ceremony, your wedding will begin with a charming ceremony completed your way. ~Our Simple Ceremony gives you the freedom for your marriage ceremony to be fun and easy while still making the important moments significant.


With every wedding, large or small, and even with just an elopement, there can be 100+ little things to plan and do before you say your vows. Then during your marriage ceremony, you are on center stage in front of all of your guests, whose focus is completely on you. When you want your marriage ceremony to be as stress free as possible, well done and with smiles; that's what I do! I work to make your ceremony as simple as possible for you. It is my joy to create a marriage ceremony that expresses your wishes and style, then professionally guide you through the ceremony before your friends and family. Your focus will be on your spouse and enjoying the moment! Please take a moment to review the pages this website for marriage license information, view the videos and read reviews from past clients.


Your ceremony will be creatively crafted, well written, and professionally delivered at your wedding. I work with you so that your ceremony is completed as you want it to be. With years of experience, I have officiated hundreds of romantic marriage ceremonies in the traditional style, as well as in other formats and themes. I am able to handle last minute complications with ease and speak well in front of any audience. It is my policy to arrive early to make sure everything is ready and your ceremony runs smoothly. Your paperwork is filed correctly and on time.


It has been an honor to provide professional personalized marriage service since 1999. Most of the ceremonies I officiate are non-denominational romantic marriage ceremonies. I officiate all marriage ceremonies. If your wedding is informal or formal, inside or outside, working with or without a wedding planner, with or without religious format or reflection, a budget wedding, do-it-yourself wedding, theme wedding, destination wedding, elopement, last minute and more! I am qualified to make yours a success.


E-mail or call (352) 219-1773.

Our Simple Ceremony ~ Your FL Wedding Officiant!

After you select Our Simple Ceremony, it is your choice to have a personalized ceremony which is with many choices and tailored to you as a couple or to have a romantic marriage ceremony which is already prepared & ready to go. For a personalized ceremony, I will e-mail you a short ceremony questionnaire to complete. With your answers I develop your marriage ceremony with a proposed ceremony plan (timeline of who-goes-where-when) for your review. We will work together by e-mail and phone to further customize and edit your marriage ceremony. I have many options for you to choose from. You can revise or add to your vows, and even create your own. If you would like, you may also include a unity ceremony for no additional cost. A unity ceremony often takes place after your marriage vows as a part of your wedding ceremony. Some examples of unity ceremonies are: unity candle, sand unity, wine ceremony, rose ceremony, chocolate unity or hand ceremony. On your wedding day you will be gently guided through the entire ceremony with ease. Full details are on cost page.


After the personalized wedding ceremony is complete, you will receive the formal printed package of your vows with a marriage certificate and name change information packet. The original marriage license is signed by your witness' (if any) and notarized. It is my job as your Officiant to legally file the original completed marriage license with the Clerk of Court. The Clerk files the original and mails you the certified copy of your marriage license. For more information, see or click on: license .


Even after officiating hundreds of marriages, my policy remains the same; to be the marriage officiant I would like to have: someone who is easy to work with, friendly, helpful and reliable. It is a great responsibility to create and officiate the marriage. I find it is a privilege to marry so many couples in love. The happiness in the eyes of the Bride and Groom when they are giving their vows to each other is especially beautiful.  Being an officiant is an honor, and I hope you will select me as your officiant for your wedding day!  


This site is full of details, answers, reviews, and wedding videos. Please review all five pages on this site for complete details. Contact me with any questions about your Florida Marriage Ceremony and book Our Simple Ceremony for your Wedding! E-mail or call (352) 219-1773. Thank You!



E-mail or call (352) 219-1773.



Our Simple Ceremony Associates

I am fortunate to work with other Notary Officiants who may assist you if I am already booked. ~ Spanish speaking notary is also available upon request.

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I officiate all marriage ceremonies. I also assist with renewal of vows, promise, symbolic or commitment ceremonies and notary services.

E-mail or call (352) 219-1773.



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